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We are transitioning from DVD/BLU-RAYS to an online-only delivery platform.
Here's what's amazing! In the past when you signed with us, it sold for $50, and now we are offering for free INSTEAD of the hard copy DVD/BLU-RAYS.

You will receive an online collection.
The collection consists of your entire video in a menu format just like a DVD/Bluray. What's better is that you can view on any internet-capable device. Computer, Laptop, Tablet, phone, etc. So it's like getting unlimited copies.
The collection will also allow you to download & backup all of the video clips to your computer.

It gets even better, the platform we are using called Mediazilla supports APPLE TV and will be supporting ROKU and AMAZON FIRE TV, later this year

Instructions on how to view on Apple Tv can be read here: